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Explore a mysterious planet, harvest and refine resources, discover new technology, craft machines, and set up automated factories.

About This Game

Automation Station is a game about automation. You’ll start with nothing but soon discover raw resources to collect. Refine and craft resources into machines to automate your harvesting, refining, and crafting tasks. Eventually, you will be able to link up your machines with conveyor belts and other gadgets to create large automated assembly lines. As you scale up, you will unlock more areas of the world to find new resources and machines to improve and expand your factory.

In this game, you build your factory the way you want. You’ll have access to modular pieces that can be combined in many different ways to achieve your goals. You might like to take your time designing a perfectly efficient factory. Or perhaps you prefer a quick and sloppy approach so long as it gets the job done. There is no wrong way to play.


Discover and harvest the resources you find throughout the world.


Craft machines to automate your collection, refinement, and crafting tasks.


Scale up your factory with fully automated assembly lines.


There are many different ways to accomplish a goal in Automation Station. Each of the individual machines are simple on their own but can be combined to create sophisticated behavior. Design your own splitting mechanism, an item sorter, or anything you dream up.


  • EXPANDING WORLD Discover pylons that require a continuous flow of manufactured goods to power up. Once powered, the pylons will unlock additional areas of the map.
  • DISCOVERIES Explore the world to discover and unlock new machines. Use what you’ve found to expand the capabilities of your factory, allowing you to venture out further.
  • UPGRADES & VEHICLES Discover upgrades for your playable character or vehicles to make it easier and more enjoyable to navigate the world.
  • PHYSICS SANDBOX While resources and items can be neatly slotted into machines and conveyor belts for a tidy factory, they can also be freely dropped wherever. Combined with the physics system of the game, you can create all kinds of interesting, albeit less reliable contraptions.

Automation Station Game Download

Title: Automation Station

Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Strategy


Scott Daley


Scott Daley

Release Date: To be announced

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System Requirements


    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: System Requirements TBD

    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

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